December 20, 2021
March 10, 2022

Rekindle Academy Clinical Internship (2023)


Mah Jun Jian, BSc. Psych (Hons)


Dr. Johnben Loy, Ph.D., LMFT

Update on (30/1/23): Please visit our updated internship webpage for the latest information on our Graduate Clinical Internship.

Rekindle Academy is a training initiative of Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy. Starting in 2022, the Academy is offering a newly-structured intensive 8-month (2-semester) graduate clinical internship programme where clinical interns conduct therapy with clients under supervision and receive training from senior experienced therapists.

What Does Our Clinical Internship Cover? 

Our clinical internship program is designed to prepare students and postgraduates (“new professionals”) to become competent in: (1) working out of effective, outcome-based psychotherapy theories and approaches; (2) conducting clinical interventions from a systemic framework for individual, couple, and family clients; (3) handling client issues with professional ethical standards and values; and (4) managing client administrative processes.

Programme Components. The holistic development of our clinical interns is aided by the following components: 

  • Assessing and conducting psychotherapy with individual, couple, and family clients;
  • Managing clinical administration processes (e.g. case notes, scheduling, client calls);
  • Observing live therapy sessions conducted by experienced therapists;
  • Receiving weekly supervision (individual & group);
  • Receiving weekly training (see Training Topics below);
  • Researching clinical issues through literature and interviewing experienced therapists;
  • Presenting learning and cases for consultation in Clinical Learning Forums;
  • Receiving regular feedback on professional and personal development;
  • Conducting psychological tests and assessments (psychological testing for clinical psychology interns only);
  • Providing wellness talks & write-ups (for senior clinical interns only).

Training topics covered in the internship programme include:

  • Rekindle Academy’s ethos and standard operating procedures;
  • Understanding and conducting psychotherapy from a systemic approach;
  • Engaging in systems thinking and practice;
  • Setting up and working through a treatment plan with clients;
  • Conducting effective intake assessment sessions;
  • Navigating ethical issues in psychotherapy;
  • Understanding and using couple and family assessment tools;
  • Specific skills in therapy with couples and families;
  • Growing and developing as a therapy professional;
  • Learning from evidence based models and common factors research.

Clinical interns work in teams (co-therapy, co-presentations) as well as individually, and can expect to receive an average of 5 hours a week of face-to-face client sessions a week (up to 10 hours on busy weeks), 1 to 2 hours of clinical supervision (individual or group), and 2 to 3 hours of clinical training (small group). Clinical interns will also be part of Clinical Learning Forums that take place once a month with all Rekindle clinicians, observe and participate in live therapy sessions conducted by experienced therapists (ad-hoc and dependent on client consent), and meet regularly to discuss cases and prepare learning assignments. Non-direct client hours are spent on documenting session notes, case conceptualisation, conducting research on specific client issues, learning models through clinical literature, and learning interventions from video materials. Clinical interns can also reach out to Rekindle’s team of therapists for informal learning and mentoring, and many also make use of their internship hours to pursue therapy training and even receiving personal therapy from providers outside of Rekindle.

How Long Is Our Programme?

Our clinical internship is divided into three 4-month semesters per year: January-April, May-August, and September-December. New clinical interns typically start in the beginning of one of the semesters (i.e. January, May, or September).

All clinical interns are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 semesters (8 months) for the internship, with 4 days a week dedicated to internship work (see Programme Components above). All internship work hours are logged. Clinical interns can apply for “leave” during their internship, but may not exceed more than 7 days (1 week) of leave per semester with the exception of medical or academic reasons, with valid documentation. Clinical interns will receive formal written feedback at the end of each semester, and those who underperform significantly may be terminated from the programme.

Clinical interns who perform well and desire to receive more training experience may apply to extend their 8-month internship by another 4 months (1 semester) to complete a total 12-month internship. 

Note: From time to time, Rekindle may invite suitable clinical interns who complete our internship programme to take up a Senior Clinical Internship position which is a stepping stone towards joining Rekindle as a full time therapist. The senior clinical internship programme provides a stipend to the intern, and is by invitation only.

Who Is Our Programme Suitable For?

Rekindle is open to accepting motivated mental health students or postgraduates (“new professionals”) who meet the following entry requirements: 

  • Currently completing, or have completed, a recognised graduate degree programme (Master or Doctorate) in Counselling, Clinical Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, or another relevant mental health degree. Currently, Rekindle Academy can only provide credentialed supervision for Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia and AAMFT-approved supervision (USA). We also accept newly licensed professionals who wish to solidify their learning during their early years of practice. (See *Special note in this section below.)
  • Applicants applying from a graduate programme in Malaysia must have completed their “pre-internship” practicum hours by the time they begin their internship at Rekindle Academy.
  • All applicants, including those who received degrees from outside of Malaysia, must have completed a minimum of 90 hours of supervised face-to-face therapy (direct client contact with individuals, couples, families, groups, online or in-person) by the time they begin the internship at Rekindle Academy.
  • All applicants must have completed the following subjects (or equivalent) in their graduate mental health degree:
  1. Counselling skills
  2. Theories of counselling / psychotherapy / MFT theories
  3. Psychological assessment (or Psychopathology)
  4. Human development across the lifespan
  5. Professional ethics (optional but preferred)

*Special Note: Rekindle Academy’s clinical internship programme is designed according to the ethos and model of pre-licensure training in the United States where recent postgraduates (“new professionals”) in mental health can learn from and be guided by clinical supervisors to develop competencies in the fundamentals of safe and effective psychotherapy practice. In the U.S., it is common for post-graduates to engage in supervised clinical experience for a minimum of two years and to accumulate a minimum of 1,000 hours of direct client contact hours, after completing their masters degree and before sitting for their licensure exams (see AMFTRB website for examples). This model ensures that licensed mental health professionals are adequately trained to practice. It is comparable to the housemanship model for medical doctors, or pupillage model for lawyers.

How To Apply? 

Interested? Submit your application via the Google Form link here. Please submit your application at least 1 month before the semester you desire to begin. You may submit your application even earlier than 1 month before your desired semester if you wish to be interviewed earlier and to secure an internship spot.

The next internship intake begins in January 2023. Interested applicants may apply up to 11th November 2022.

The first day of orientation for the January 2023 intake will be on 6th January 2023.

Be sure to prepare and include the following documents in your application: 

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae with 2 academic references listed
  • Undergraduate certificate
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (in-progress graduate transcripts are acceptable)
  • Letter from graduate programme stating completion of practicum (counselling programmes in Malaysia)
  • Any other relevant certificates

All applications via Google Form will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. However, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. If you are unsuccessful during your first application, you may apply again for a subsequent intake batch. Your chances of getting admitted into our programme will increase with more experience and learning on your part--feel free to ask us how.

Note: The graduate clinical internship does not provide any stipend to the clinical intern.

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