Rekindle Academy

Rekindle Academy offers low-fee therapy services for individuals, couples, and families, conducted by master’s level clinical interns. We provide counselling for relationship and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, substance abuse, addictions, family conflict, parenting, and more. We see clients of all ages, from children and teens (with guardian consent) to adults and the elderly.
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Our Objectives

1. Internship. To provide quality systemic clinical training for master’s students in mental health disciplines.
2. Service. To provide affordable individual and family therapy services by master’s level clinical interns.
3. Research. To establish a platform for research relevant to individual and family therapy in the Asian context.

Fee Structure

The fees are RM50 (50-min session) for clinical interns or RM100 (50-min session) for senior clinical interns. Longer sessions will be pro-rated according to RM1/min or RM2/min. Clinical interns have less than one year of internship experience; senior clinical interns have more than one year of internship experience.

Payment is by cash or QR code only.

The duration of therapy (number of sessions) will depend on clients’ needs and the recommendation of the clinical interns. The availability of clinical interns will vary from year to year.

Supervision Team

Therapy conducted by our clinical interns are supervised by our team of clinical supervisors, with oversight by Dr. Johnben Loy (AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor).

Clients may be seen by two clinical interns at a time, and sessions will be audio- or video-taped for training purposes. Recordings will be kept private and confidential, and will be erased upon viewing.

Upon referral by our clinical interns, clients may receive Live Therapy Consultation from members of the supervision team at no additional cost. Live therapy consultation takes place with the consulting clinician and the attending clinical intern in the therapy room as well as a reflecting team in an adjacent room. All sessions are also recorded for training purposes.

Our current clinical interns are Vanessa Phey (2023), Rafil Khiruddin (2023) and Belle Wong Mie Qi (2024)

Vanessa (HELP University) and Rafil (HELP University) are working towards completing their Masters in Counselling degrees from their respective universities. Belle (IMU) has completed her Master's in Counselling at IMU and all the required training and internship hours. She is currently in the process of obtaining a license from Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia to be a licensed professional counsellor in Malaysia.

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Starting January 2020:
Tuesday to Saturday
(Sessions by appointment only)

Academy cellphone: 013 247 7196
(Send Whatsapp if busy / no answer)

Internship Opportunities

Rekindle offers a 12-week undergraduate internship programme where our interns get to handle administration, special projects, and have a chance to observe live therapy.

Rekindle Academy's 8-month (2-semester) graduate clinical internship programme offers intensive training in the theory and practice of effective systemic psychotherapy for graduate students and new professionals.

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