March 2, 2022
January 29, 2024

Map Directions: Finding your Way to Rekindle Therapy from Jalan Sri Hartamas 22


Mah Jun Jian, BSc. Psych (Hons)


During usual peak hours (11am to 3pm), you may find it difficult to find empty parking lots around Rekindle. Another option would be to park along Jalan Sri Hartamas 22, and take a short 2-3 minute walk to our Rekindle premises. To help you get to Rekindle safely, here is a set of directions with pictures to help you get to our premises.

Overview of directions from Jalan Hartamas 22 to Rekindle Therapy. Below are a set of turn-by-turn directions from Path 1 to Rekindle Therapy.

1. You may be parking anywhere along Jalan Hartamas 22. Walk towards "Cubs & Cups", where you will see a triangular parking area (circled). With the blue fencing to your left and the "Cubs & Cups" sign to your right, walk down the pavement.

2. At the end of the pavement, cross the road and walk towards "The Wine Poetry". Walk towards the end of the pavement on the left of "The Wine Poetry"

3. At the end of the pavement, turn right. You should see "The Wine Poetry" sign as you turn right. Walk down the corridor.

4. Continue down the corridor until you see "Naughty Babe Dirty Duck" on your left. The stairwell to Rekindle is on the left (circled). We are located on the second floor of the building.

We hope that you will be able to find your way to Rekindle smoothly!

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